It wasn’t until moving to the US that I had even heard of a peanut and jelly sandwich. I was aghast when my wife started making them for our two kids, Oh and that was in the early 80’s. It seemed immoral and quite possibly illegal to combine peanut butter and jam together in a sandwich. As a lover of good jam, sullying it with peanut  butter seemed a travesty.

My ex-wife explained that that it was not Jam but some evil concoction called Grape Jelly that was involved in the process. I looked at the jar, opened it, and took a spoonful out. It had the consistently of not quite set jello, and tasted of nothing. I was pretty sure that no grape had been hurt in the manufacturing process. It was just an evil witches brew from some laboratory.

Over the years I have softened my view point. In fact I have eaten at least two PB&J sandwiches in the past five years.

So, on to more recent discoveries. About a week ago I was feeling a little hungry at lunch time. My normal deal is cheese and crackers. But the cracker supply was running short (water biscuits). The butter was as hard as a rock, and my wife had hidden all of the good cheese at the back of the fridge. Adding insult to injury, the only bread in the house was the icky sliced white stuff that has a shelf life that rivals a Twinkie, and zero taste or texture.

It was time to get creative, so I decided to take the PB&J to new heights!

Obviously I was limited in resources on hand. I would have to use the sliced white bread, and I could not see a way out of the peanut butter part of the equation. However the Grape Jelly just had to go.


In its place, I selected something tangy and full of flavor, Marmalade!


This might be the greatest culinary breakthrough of the 21st century. The sweet tang of the Marmalade is a perfect adjunct to the Peanut Butter.

This possibly is my greatest invention since the Grilled Cheese and Onion sandwich! But that is a story for another day.

Simon Barrett







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