On Tongue Tied I have  reported an endless stream of outrage from Leftists about any adverse mention of homosexuality. We are constantly told that there is nothing wrong about it. Yet when Congressman Foley is revealed as a homosexual, the outrage vanishes and there seems to be no defence of him at all! What am I missing?

All that I am missing, it seems to me, is that Foley is a Republican. The good old double standard again.

Sure. The kid was technically a minor at age 16 but would that matter if anyone other than a GOP Congressman were involved — particularly since it was apparently only talk, not actual sex? If it had been a Donk Congressman, we would have been told that he was just exercising his free speech.

Update 1

The actions of homosexual Donk Congressman Gerry Studds would seem to bear some comparison with the actions of Foley. Studds did not confine himself to messages, however.

Update 2

It seems that the page was NOT technically underage in D.C. — where the age of consent is 16



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