Flue can turn your world into a whole misery. Especially when it is in the early stages. Feeling weak, headaches, the list goes on. But then you are not dying you just have to know what to do when you catch the bug.

Keep on reading and we help you on how to get rid of the bug. Because the way it is annoying to keep it in your system is the worst.

Drink a lot of water

Well, when you are feeling sick you need to get dehydrated. And that is why you should drink a lot of water. The reason why people are always encouraged to drink a lot of water is that water is healthy and you will stay healthy. This is a must especially when you are vomiting or having diarrhoea. By taking in a lot of water you will be restoring the liquid that is lost.

Get active

Studies have it that when you are active you sweat. And flue is a bug that is caused by the cold. What other way is there to keep the body warm than to exercise. You can even stay in the blankets till you sweat. That is if your preference is playing online casinos us slots to other outdoor hobbies. Consider it as sweating the bug out of your system.


Breathing moist air will help you a lot. This will make your nostrils less congested. That is the worst feeling ever when you have a blocked nose and you have to use your mouth to breathe. What this will also cause is bad breath. That is why people are encouraged to breathe using their mouth.


People believe that when you gargle it gets rid of the thick mucus. This will clear your throat and give a clear way to your nostril. What you can use to gargle is not even expensive. Warm water and salt is always the way to go. But some other prefer to add vinegar to the mixture. Believe us with this remedy you can never go wrong.




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