It’s about time that an American stands up to an enemy of the United States and fights against people freely giving their hard earned cash to the criminal Hugo Chavez Junta. This man is not only an enemy to the USA but is an enemy to liberty and freedom and any American who buys gas from a Citgo is a traitor to both.

3 Letter Word on Billboard Draws Attention

Cameron Adams made a U-turn to get a picture. “Don’t Buy Gas From This Ass! That’s what it says right there in yellow and blue and red.” Once you spot the sign at Interstate 65 and County Road 287, it’s hard to look away. Mickey Donaldson says he’s never seen anything like it. “We just don’t see ASS on the side of the road everywhere we go in America.” Right now, you can find it on the side of the road in Bay Minette.

Tommy Rabon says it’s just not right! “Little kids come down here then they be saying mama, what is this right here? You know, that just don’t make sense.” Pam Brooks at the nearby BP gas station believes it’s bad for business. “Well if you’re going fast, you’d think it meant the next gas station which is BP, not a Citgo!”

Citgo is a subsidiary of Venezuela’s state-owned oil company. The picture on the billboard is the country’s president, Hugo Chavez.

John McCombs owns the entire billboard and says he had some free space so he put up that message. He believes that if people truly understand world events, they will be a little less opposed to that 3 letter word. “He called my president the devil so I don’t like him. He’s in with Iran’s president and he hates America. That’s the main thing.”

So, the three letter word will remain a pain for some. McCombs says he has no plans to take the sign down and might even move it around the county!

Workers at the BP station near the sign say they have talked to the city about getting it taken down.

First of all, BP workers, you have no right to have the billboard taken down. It isn’t your property.

But, I salute John McCombs for his fantastic effort to inform people of the evils of Hugo Chavez.

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