HaLeigh CummingsFebruary 10, 2009 the whole world changed for a family in Satsuma, Putnam County Florida when a 17 year old then babysitter woke up in the middle of the night and found little 5 year old HaLeigh Cummings missing. The back door was wide open and there was no trace of where the child disappeared to. A massive search started but no one was able to locate the child. There were several theories as to what happened to HaLeigh but none of them were ever proven.

Some think the child is no longer alive and others believe she is somewhere out there being kept away from her family for one reason or another. HaLeigh’s father, Ronald Cummings and his then girlfriend, Misty Croslin and Misty’s brother, Tommy Croslin have been arrested and found guilty for drug charges and have all been given rather lengthy sentences in prison, which satisfied a lot of people thinking they all had something to do with HaLeigh’s disappearance, therefore some justice had been served.

The fact of the matter is though that no one has as of yet been charged with HaLeigh’s disappearance so how can any there be any justice done? Until someone confesses or until they get solid evidence of who is responsible for her disappearing there simply is no justice here. The family needs some closure in the case. They NEED to know what happened to this precious child.

HaLeigh’s great-grandmother Annette Sykes says, “Every year, every day, she is out there and somebody knows something. We know somebody does and they just won’t tell.”

She went on to say “We don’t know where she is, how she is or who took her. Basically we don’t know anything.”

Now apparently a petition has surfaced with more than 1000 signatures on it asking the Sheriff’s Department to please revisit the case and start fresh. Sykes said that she thinks the petition could help bring some life to her great-granddaughter’s case. “To me it’s phenomenal. We don’t even know these people but yet they care enough,” said Sykes. “I hope that it caused somebody to do something to try to find our little girl. She deserves to be found.”

We here at BNN covered this story very closely. In fact I got so close to the case that I feel like I know this child. My heart aches for the family. Internet wars started and people with different opinions were at each other’s throats while the case was in full bloom.

I would like to ask people to please hold their hatred in this case back. Join together with prayers that some kind of lead will break this case one way or another. HaLeigh needs to be found one way or another so the mystery can be over and the family can begin to heal. I pray to God that answers will come out and then the family can start to move on with their lives. HaLeigh where ever you are I have you in my prayers!

Jan Barrett

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