A ship that is laden with the deadly carcinogenic asbestos is to be sunk off the coast of Florida, it has recently been revealed. The vessel, which is the Historic General Hoyt S. Vandenberg, is to be sunk between May 26th and June 1st. The location will be around seven miles from Key West in Florida.
Asbestos and other hazardous material are currently being removed from the vessel, and the hull of the ship is having holes cut into it so that once it has sunk it stays put. The ship is to become an artificial reef, according to reports.
Key West Mayor Morgan McPherson said: “Not only will it be the second largest ship in the world ever intentionally sunk to become an artificial reef, but it is of huge historical significance. It will become the southernmost underwater museum on the historic trail of intentionally sunken ships off the Florida Keys.”
The total cost of the project has come in at over eight and a half million dollars, and it is estimated that around seventy five percent of this has been used to get rid of contaminants aboard the vessel before it is sunk. Already seventy one cubic yards of asbestos and various other hazardous materials have been removed.

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