The so called Pain Clinics that are so prevalent in Florida are coming under increasing pressure. Are they medical facilities or a way to distribute drugs (albeit prescription) to the masses for resale?

Wednesday Law Enforcement went into high gear. U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration agents and local Florida police arrested 20 people, including at least five physicians in Southern Florida.

It is hardly news that occasionally a Doctor exercises poor judgment. But trading care for profits is a route that is destined for problems.

In fact the activities in Florida by the DEA did not even seem worthy of writing an article about. What could I say? Pill Mills busted? Who cares? Lets face it, rolling up a pill mill is about as newsworthy as busting some kid selling a joint on a street corner, or a gang shooting in East LA.

Yesterdays bust was actually quite newsworthy. I called a good friend of mine, just to say hello. For reasons that are obvious I will not name him. He is what we call a ‘Bounty Hunter’, and he was on a stake out for one of the ‘pill mill’ people that by luck rather than judgment had avoided Wednesdays dragnet.

He will turn up, and them me and my team will grab him

He also went on to tell me about one of the doctors caught up in the scam Dr. Zvi Perper. At first this name had no significance, then the light bulb went on.

One of HLN’s Nancy Grace show is the Medical Examiner for Broward County Dr. Joshua Perper. Zvi is his son!

Of course I can not see Nancy Grace bringing this up on air:

Dr. Perper it is great to have you join us tonight, but before we get your professional opinion on a case that you know nothing about. How is Zvi and don’t you think my twins are adorable?

Pill Mills are bad. Another journalist friend refers to them as the pharmacy of the South East. If you need pills, just head to Florida.

Simon Barrett

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