michelle-lee-parker.jpgA Florida woman that appeared on TV’s People’s Court disappeared the same day the show was aired on TV, November 17th. She was on the show with the father of her three year old twins over a dispute of who would have to pay for a lost engagement ring.

The police located Parker’s black Hummer on the west side of Orlando but there were no signs of her. Her family and friends are making all efforts in trying to find her but all so far have failed.

Parker has been described as a white female that stands about 5 ft 6 inches tall and she has short dark brown hair.

Police have used divers, boats and a K-9 unit to search in the lake that is the closest to where she was last known to be according to her cell phone records.

The father of Parker’s children, 40 year old Dale Smith has been named a person of interest in the case now. He hired Mark NeJame as his attorney. Child Welfare officials had cited Smith as having a pattern of violence and they removed the children from his care but a judge ruled today that the twins were to be returned to their father’s care.

Judge Thomas Turner ruled that the twins would not be facing any danger while being with their father, even though the attorney for the FDCF, Joe Luzzolino, told the judge that Smith has displayed abusive and criminal behavior several times since 1992 including striking Parker in front of the children in 2009.

Turner wasn’t convinced that Smith had ever shown any abuse towards the children so he thought they shouldn’t have been removed from his care. He also stated, “I don’t think incidents that happened years ago constitute a pattern,”

When speaking of Smith being a person of interest, he said, “I can speculate like everyone else what’s happened to Miss Parker but there’s no evidence.” Attorney Mark NeJame said his client has done nothing wrong and he has not been charged with anything in this case.

In the meantime where is Michelle Parker? How can someone just disappear off the face of the earth with no signs of where she is? If you or anyone you know have seen Parker or know anything of her whereabouts PLEASE call the Orlando Police Department at 321-235-5300. I pray she is alive and well somewhere and that someone somewhere will release her or talk to the police about what happened to her.

Jan Barrett

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