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Body position affects memory

Our brains remember more than we thought they did.  In fact, they remember just about everything.  Things we seem to have forgotten, can come back in an instant, with just a bit of a nudge from the outside world.  We’re all familiar with one of our senses triggering a memory.  The smell of a hotdog can remind you of a ballgame for instance, maybe the one where you fought some little old lady off to catch that home run.  The sound of a train can remind you of a trip, or when your tired clunker broke down on the tracks.

We’re all living proof that things like this can happen, but now researchers have discovered something else that can flip a certain switch.  Body position.  It may not happen as frequently as with sights and sounds and smells, but according to a little info-nodule on the Live Science website, placing your body in a certain position can bring things back.

They illustrate this by using the image of a young man on bended knee, ostensibly popping ‘the question’.  The exercise of placing yourself in that same position, any number of years later, will supposedly cue the memory of the moment, as well as the details.  As with any memory though, we’re guessing the details can get clouded with time, and some of us are prone to rewriting our personal history.  With others, the memories may be more exact, and in certain circumstance, better left alone.

PS:  This is the second time in one week we’ve visited Live Science.
Are we getting intellectual here, or what…

Link: Live Science

Cartoon from Sid in the City

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