A $300 million dollar plane goes missing? No one knows where it is?

I think it is reasonable to say that flight MH370 has made its final landing, the likely spot being a rather remote part of the Indian Ocean some 1000 miles from Australia. This is far from the original journey from Kuala Lumpur  to Beijing.

While the mystery continues, some facts remain baffling. A 777 has more redundant systems built into it than a Union Shop Steward. The pneumatics alone have 8 levels. If Joe the flap guy is taking a dump, his stand in Fred will take over the job. If Fred need to take a leak (excuse the pun) there are six other folks that can step in and help.

The same is true on most of the other systems. Unless there is a catastrophic failure, a bomb? The plane will go on its merry way. Autopilot is akin to Cruise Control on your car. It will speed up if going uphill and slowdown if headed downhill. All in the effort to keep the car moving along at whatever speed you have set.

Obviously the Indian Ocean is somewhat larger and more inhospitable than a trip to Walmart, but I am dumbfounded that no trace has been found. Clearly someone needs to fix this issue so that Boeing can brag “Lost your Airplane?, we have an app for that”.

One of the things that bothers me is the Satellite data being used. It comes from China, Australia, France, and even the Brits. Where are the US in this? If we can spot a pimple on Osama Bin Laden’s bum when he took a dump, listen in on German Chancellor Angela Merkell’s dinner plans, etc. One would think that a US satellite would have spotted Flight 370. It is far larger than a pimple on Osama’s bottom.

It is not sure just how much help the various countries are offering in the search effort. No one wants to show their cards. To reveal technology may well reveal important data to an adversary. So blurry satellite images are what we have.

In all likelihood the Black Boxes will go dark in a few days. It is a shame at a couple of Los Angeles class subs are not on the mission. It is rumored that they can hear a crab fart at 50 miles. Finding a black box should be a walk in the park.

Where have we all gone wrong with MH370?

Simon Barrett

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