A new commercial in India is drawing some very negative attention from officials and authorities who want it banned from daytime television. The advertisement in question is a new ad for DKT’s “XXX” strawberry, chocolate and banana flavored condoms with the tagline “What is your flavor of the night?” Officials say that the commercial is obscene and is of bad taste.

The chairman of the censor board in India, Sharmila Tagore was quoted in the Times of India as saying “This campaign is obscene. Maybe DKT is targeting raunchy teenagers. But the ads are definitely not meant for children.” The very minimum she is aiming for is to have the ad banned from television before 11pm or to have it only shown in theaters with an “A” rating which will mean that it’s only meant for adults.

A senior official for DKT said that their campaign wasn’t meant to encourage consumers to have oral sex but was meant to act as an incentive for consumers who do not care for the smell of latex.

It’s not entirely surprising to see this come up in the news as India is notorious for its conservative attitude on sex and contraception which has led to a serious lack of education and one of the highest rates of AIDS infections in the world.

Flavored condom ad in bad taste? (Reuters)

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