It seems the Artists Against 419 are planning a offensive against Internet scammers this weekend.

They are inviting people to see what this is all about and participate if they wish.

In their own words:

Welcome to the Fifteenth Flash Mob!

Three years doesn’t seem like a long time in the grand scheme of things. But in that time, aa419 has grown into a major anti-fraud force on the internet. A quick look at our database will tell you why — we have identified more than 10,000 fake web sites in that time, and shut almost all of them down.

We’re proud of finding and blacklisting all these scammers, but we’re even more proud of working with hosters to get their sites offline. And to accomplish this, we rely on a fantastic group of volunteers, some of whom have killed hundreds of scam sites all on their own!

Listen to our Radio 419 broadcast during the flash mob, and join us in chat. We will be holding live tutorials throughout the Flash Mob, and this is an excellent chance for you to learn the nuts ‘n’ bolts of fake bank killing!

For more details, link here.

In case you didn’t already know – 419 is the Nigerian Penal Code for advance fee fraud – which victimizes millions of unsuspecting people. The artists have very detailed descriptions of all the variations on their site.

The people behind this consider themselves artists because they trash fraudulent bank sites – also have a wonderful sense of humor – which is evident on the site. All humor aside, the site is also an excellent place to learn how Internet scams work, and more importantly how to safely navigate “dangerous waters,” while surfing.

Of note, they recently affiliated themselves with the Anti Phishing Working Group (APWG), which I reference (frequently) as a great resource to learn about phishing.

I did a recent post on how the Phishermen are Reeling in Record Catches.

Hopefully, the artists will hit them hard this weekend! 

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