Friday I listened into a conversation on the Laura Ingram radio show; she was interviewing a legal expert (also a Conservative Republican) and discussing Barack Obama’s stated preferences for his upcoming nomination of a justice to replace Justice David Souter who has announced he’ll be retiring at the end of this Supreme Court session.

Ms. Ingram and her guest were criticizing statements that President Obama has made that clearly indicate his preference for a Justice who’s primary qualification is his or her compassion for the plight of society’s minorities and the president’s apparent lack of concern for nominating a judge who is first and foremost an impartial Constitutional expert and who will judge cases based on the law and the Constitution without bias based on the petitioner’s social situation.

I nodded my agreement through that part of the conversation — an unbiased, impartial Constitutional expert is exactly what is needed in each of the seven seats on the Supreme Court. No argument from me there!

Then the conversation switched and Ms. Ingram and her guest started discussing some of the “bad decisions” that might come out of a Supreme Court that was unbalanced in a Liberal direction — and what do you suppose were the two issues that were mentioned first and that apparently concerned them most? If you guessed Abortion and Gay Rights you would be correct!

That, in a nutshell, is one major problem with the Republican party today: The continued assumption that a political party’s philosophy — the Conservative philosophy in particular — must also be the moral compass for their constituency and for the country as a whole.

Fortunately for the Republicans who have been turned off by the religious right philosophy of the mainstream Republican party and fortunately for Conservatism itself, there is grass-roots effort underway that intends to reshape the Republican party into a party that concentrates on a REAL conservative agenda: e.g., lower taxes, smaller government, etc. while putting religious conservative hot-button issues on the back burner. Three prominent Republican conservatives: Mitt Romney, Jeb Bush and House Minority whip Eric Cantor, are leading this effort that they have named “The National Council for a New America.” The three, along with other members of the Council, are going to be traveling all over America to listen to the people and put forth their own ideas.

We can only hope that this initiative works in time to sway public opinion in 2010 and 2012 — before it’s too late. While Republicans are focused on remaking their party, President Obama has stated that he wants to “remake America”; it’s obvious to all but those who blindly accept his every move as the right move that what he wants to remake America into will not, in any significant way, resemble the America we grew up in, the America many of us fought for or the America we all have loved.

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