jeremiahHow can a five year old child go missing for three months and no one question it? Well that is what happened to little Jeremiah Oliver. Relatives claim they haven’t seen the child since September 14, 2013 in Fitchburg, Mass. Authorities still might have known about it if his 7 year old sister hadn’t told a teacher at her school that she hadn’t seen her little brother in months.

Once they were notified, the Worcester County District Attorney’s office opened up an investigation which led then to the child’s mother, Elsa Oliver, 28 and her boyfriend, Alberto Sierra, 22.

Elsa was arrested Monday on two counts of reckless endangerment of a child and two counts of accessory after the fact. She was ordered to produce the child to the courts and since that has not happened they expect a contempt hearing to be held on that. As of right now this is being treated as a homicide case.

Sierra was arrested Saturday morning and he was charged with harming the child. He is also facing two counts of assault and battery of a child causing bodily injury and two counts of assault and battery with a deadly weapon. One of the charges is for an assault on Elsa Oliver.

Little Jeremiah is described as being Hispanic. He has brown eyes and brown hair. He is about 3’4” tall and he weighs about 40 pounds. District Attorney Joseph D. Early said, “This investigation is in its infancy. We need the public’s help. We’re asking anyone that has any information at all to bring that information to the state police assigned to the Worcester DA’s office and the Fitchburg Police.” You can dial the State Police Detectives at (508-832-9124) or Fitchburg Police (978-345-9648).

Jeremiah’s two siblings have been removed from their mother’s care and are in the care of the state now.

My heart and prayers go out for this little boy. I am scared of what might have happened to him. Either way he needs to be found and returned home. If his mother and her boyfriend have done something to this child I pray that they are locked up and the key be thrown away. They don’t deserve to see the light of day if they are really guilty.

Jan Barrett

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