Giovanni Gonzalez’s mother Daisy Colon of East Boston dropped him off to spend the weekend with his father, Ernesto L. Gonzalez on the weekend of August 15. When she returned to get him that Sunday night the child was not there.

The father of the boy insisted that he didn’t have the boy that weekend but tried to say he had them the weekend before that. When she couldn’t get any answers about her sons where abouts Colon went to the police.

The police arrived at Ernesto Gonzalez’s home and questioned him and still got no information from him telling them where the child was. The mother said she dropped her son off with some of his clothes, his back pack and two of his favorite dinosaurs. There was no sign of his clothes or the back pack but the dinosaurs were found in
Gonzalez’s home.

Ernesto L. Gonzalez was charged with child endangerment in the disappearance of his 5-year-old son and has been held under a $500,000 bail. Defense lawyer Lawrence J. McGuire argued for a reduction of the bail. He told the court his client would return to court to face the charge if bailed. He accused the district attorney’s office of having no probable cause to charge Gonzalez.

Apparently Gonzalez had been receiving mental therapy at a clinic in Lynn and had appeared on his scheduled session on Saturday and had a child with him. It was also confirmed that neighbors observed Gonzalez with his child on Saturday, but according to Assistant District Attorney Jean M. Curran that was the last time the child was seen.

Curran argued in court that Gonzalez is pretty much a loner although he does have a daughter in Andover. She says he does have access to money but he has no ties there to the community to hold him there. She says Gonzalez has no incentive to return to court if he does get out on bail.

McGuire insisted in court that his client doesn’t know where young Giovanni is and he says there is no admission by the prosecution that he caused any harm to the child. He asked the courts to lower his clients bail to $14000 cash which is what Gonzalez has saved but the judge denied his request.

My prayers are with the mother of Giovanni that her son be found alive and well very soon. may God Bless that child where ever he is.

Jan Barrett

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