Tuesday morning 5 year old Jacob Neuman and his 8 year old brother left their apartment to go to school when they entered the elevator on the 11th floor of their apartment building located at 70 Clymer Street in Brooklyn New York.  Apparently the elevator stopped before it reached the 10 floor below them. The doors opened and the boys decided to try jumping to get to the 10th floor.

When Jacob jumped he apparently lost his balance and fell down into the shaft causing him to fall more than 10 stories down just before 9 am according to police. The boy was pronounced dead at the scene at the bottom of the shaft. The doors then closed leaving the older brother trapped inside the elevator until residents in the building were able to rescue him.

New York City Department of Building Records show that there had been several complaints over the past few years about the elevator. One report on January 21 says that one of the elevators in the building got stuck and remained stuck for about an hour and was either defective or inoperable. Three other complaints were filed about the elevators from the same building in the year 2007. The cause of the malfunctioning of the elevator from today is now under investigation.

The building was built in 1974 and has 12 stories. It is a part of the Taylor Street- Wythe Avenue apartment complex. According to nydailynews.com the Buildings Department says the last time they inspected the two elevators in the building was in October 2007. They were rated as “unsatisfactory.”

This is such a sad story. My heart and prayers go out to Jacob’s family.

Jan Barrett

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