There are reports, albeit somewhat sketchy at this point, of 5 people dead in a North West Calgary home. The dead include three adults and 2 children, aged four and six. According to police a one year old child was found alive.

The bodies apparently were found in various parts of the house.

Police would not reveal any details of the deaths other than to say “they were not natural”. Inspector Reuser of the Calgary Police said there were no suspects, although police do have an idea of what may have happened.

Reuser went on to say “We were called here by a couple who came to check on the occupants of the house,” choking back tears.

The incident happened at 5588 Dalhart Hill in the city’s Dalhousie neighborhood, a relatively affluent part of the city.

Calgary is now a city of over one million people, and this growth spurt seems to have brought all of the pain associated with being a large city, the homicide rate is up, as are the number of gangs, and drug use has become a serious issue in several parts of the city.

More details to follow, as they become available.

Simon Barrett

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