The fallout regarding, Fitna! Continues and the unfortunate effects are continued developments of violent reactions. Islamic countries are loudly condemning the internet posting, and protests against the right-wing member of the Dutch Parliament escalate. There clip is once again an extremely insensitive focus on the most militant of Islamic religious behavior. In addition to the anti-Islamic tones of the piece, there are of course anti-Semitic tones and an overall message of anticipated anarchy towards Western Society.

This is precisely the type of materials that inflame sensitivities on all sides of the global religious communities. There are those that lament the broadcast of, “Fitna!” as an openly hostile act against all of Islam. Others maintain that the right to broadcast and advocate the activities on the clip is permitted by the rights to free speech and expression. Still others condemn the entire issue as just plainly insensitive and wrong…from every prospective view. What the faithful observers of all religious elements should recognize is the global rights incumbent on all cultures and religions to worship freely, regardless of the various creeds.

The real enemy is not the Islamic spread into Western Europe and our culture. The real enemy is the obvious violence and human sufferings that result from any extremism. Islamic actions that constitute acts of international terrorism are indeed atrocities on any level of human understanding. However, we need to consider the larger picture of, mans inhumanity to man as the critically dangerous fuel to this hostile fire. Religious cultures that do not engage in activities that promote the common welfare of humanity and the world’s common good should reexamine their theological motivations. If these elements of common service to human global needs and ambitions are not part of the religious creed, then indeed, the actions of the religion should be considered hostile and perhaps even terroristic.

It seems though that the Islamic world, along with the Western world has seen enough carnage in the name of religious ideology. While the Islamic population continues to grow in Europe that growth should not present a peaceful obstacle to Christian and Islamic cooperation and mutual existence. Religious faithful of all creeds have the moral and ethical responsibility to foster international understanding and tolerance regardless of the religious principles. The instillation of actions that encourage hostility and anger are truly the enemy presented here for all peoples of goodwill.

It is suggested by religious and political observers alike that the shifting influence of Islam to a larger global focus is the most significant danger presented to Western culture. In a similar manner, Western Europe encountered the cultures of the barbarian peoples and fear gripped Europe for centuries. The continued instigation of anger and fear are the motivational factors that continue to prohibit Western cultures from peaceful relationships with the Moslem culture. For the sake of the future of religious tolerance among all of us, dialogue and understanding should replace the aspects of anger and fear, so illustrations and portrayals like, “Fitna!” will no longer be created or tolerated among enlightened religious cultures.

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