Yesterday a Dutch parliamentary member called attention to a short internet based documentary, called, “Fitna!” It has broadcast through the entire world community and clearly shows the side of Islamic militancy that unfortunately is happening throughout the world. The documentary really causes quite a bit of discontent among Muslim and Jewish faithful cultures. It should also cause a ripple with Christian cultures as well. The documentary clearly illustrates the need for the peaceful end to religious violence by all denominations throughout the world. The goal of religious understanding and tolerance should indeed constitute a part of religious diplomacy and understanding; however, accelerated violence and international terrorism are not the answers to the solution.

The internet presentation of,”Fitna!” is a frightening portrayal of the feared dystrophic society that is championed by Islam in its global goal of evangelization and conversion. If indeed, the Moslem sentiments are consistent with this presentation, then Western Europe and the rest of the world needs to worry about terroristic carnage committed in the name of Allah.

The terrorist attacks of 911 in New York City and the London bombings of 2005 are graphically shown in a clip that accentuates the spread of extremism and social anarchy in the name of religion.

The content is offensive. It is also a chilling reminder of the turbulent and chaotic world situation in which modern peoples are engaged. After watching this clip on the internet, there is no room for anyone to deny the need for heightened global activities against religious terrorism of all types. The pursuit of universal religious harmony and bilateral tolerance is the ultimate goal all nations and religious peoples hope to achieve. However, the movie, “Fitna!” most appropriately illustrates the intrinsically evil and immoral actions of religious jihad that happen in the world.

Western cultures need to safeguard their nations and peoples against all acts of global terrorism. However raising the ugly head of discrimination and suggesting violent retaliation between the world’s religious communities is not the answer. Christians, Jews and Muslims should all be frightened by the prospects associated with extremist religious activities of all denominations. The continued conflicts in the Middle East, the Persian Gulf and the religious unrest in China are all indicative of the immediate need towards factual religious education and understanding. While the creeds of all of the three monotheistic religions might differ, there is no need to perpetuate violence and destruction. The concept of religious tolerance and coexistence should provide the world with a common goal, peace and understanding in our respective faiths.

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