News Item:
Experts address global warming in NJ

Long Beach Island and Cape May could be under water.
The Highlands may become a seashore community.
Atlantic City gamblers would be swimming to the poker tables.
That’s the lead paragraph in yesterday’s Courier Post article on global warming, and it’s based on scenarios laid out by proponents of state legislation to reduce greenhouse gases.  The new standards would reduce emissions by 80%, and be accomplished by the year 2050.
Clean air.  Who doesn’t want clean air?  Due to recent legislation, I for one miss the the hazy aroma of a smoke filled bar, but that’s another story.  There’s no arguing that mankind has an effect on the environment.  The question is, how much of an effect when compared to the natural cycle of things.  Once upon a time, long long ago, North America was a glacier.  Once upon a time, long long ago, New York was a primordial swamp.  Mother Nature will have her way, no matter what.  That doesn’t mean that we, as good global citizens, shouldn’t try to clean up our act, but there are some things in the universe that are out of our control.
The legislation is aimed at carbon dioxide emissions, but says nothing about methane, which is an equal offender.  The largest producer of methane gas on the planet?  Flatulence, from cows, and us.  However, as a firm believer in ‘being prepared’, which goes back to my days as a Boy Scout [ ok, it was only one camping trip, and we weren’t invited back after they found beer behind our tent ], we’re going to spend the weekend up in the Poconos, checking out some of that cheap real estate.


Link: Courier Post

Cartoon from Sid in the City

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