Fisher Island is a small enclave for the super rich and it lays 3 miles offshore from Miami. Your choices of transport to this wonderful piece of Eden are Helicopter, Private Yacht, or the 24 hour a day ferry. With great amenities, a superb golf course, fine eating establishments, this does indeed sound like the perfect spot, close to the action, but far enough away to be secluded.

However, looks can sometimes be deceptive, while the palm trees are real, and the beautiful architecture, alluring Fisher Island may have a rather dark side. Earlier today a class action complaint was lodged against Fisher Island Holdings, Inc., Fisher Island Community Association, Inc., Fisher Island Club, Inc., and Fisher Island Community Association, LLC by 19 workers.

The Press Release that I read pretty much could have been written in the 1950’s! About the only thing that our rich friends on Fisher Island don’t make the mostly immigrant workers do is use separate water drinking fountains, but I guess if you are rich enough to live in Americas most expensive zip code you don’t spend a lot of time using public drinking fountains.

What is does claim though is pretty shocking:

— Workers are segregated on the ferry and not allowed access to the Resident’s Lounge nor, with a few exceptions, are they allowed to drive a vehicle onto the ferry.

— To prevent employee passengers from touching or brushing against the vehicles of residents and guests on the Island, Fisher Island prohibits employee passengers from accessing even their segregated ferry room unless they arrive on the ferry before the vehicles of other passengers begin loading onto the ferry. One worker was fired after he went to the employees’ segregated ferry room after vehicles were loaded onto the ferry.

— Employee passengers, including a woman who was six months pregnant, not permitted in the segregated ferry room are forced to stand under an outside deck awning, which fails to protect them from heavy rain, debilitating heat, severe wind, and ship fumes.

— Fisher Island residents have cursed at employee passengers who come close to the residents’ vehicles, saying things like “don’t f-cking touch my car.” When a resident became angry after missing her ferry, she yelled at a security guard who was working at the causeway ferry terminal: “F-ck you, you peasant. I’m going to make sure you get fired.”

This certainly does not sound like a good time to me. Last June The New York Times referred to this little spot as “Fantasy Island”, that is a good name for it. However I suspect the fantasy is going to become a bit of a problem to the residents. As soon as Al Sharpton finishes his rubbish in Jena, I’ll just bet he will be heading to Fisher Island, and a little guy in a white suit will be shouting ‘Da Plane, Da Plane’ to the management, who will be too busy to rush out to greet him because they will trying to figure out who is going to do all the menial tasks like manicuring the lawns, now that the staff has left!

Oh, and in a lovely touch, there is a short documentary online, it is well worth a view.

What is interesting is how little interest the MSM (Main Stream Media) is showing in this story, I don’t have the tenant list for the island, but I’d bet a buck we would recognize a few MSM names!

Simon Barrett

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