On the night of Saturday, October 25, 2008 many unknowing Houstonians walking in the Montrose, Westheimer area will be horrified when they stumble upon hundreds and possibly thousands of bloody, dead people walking down the street together.  Don’t despair; this necro-mob is actually the first annual Houston Zombie Walk.  People from all over Houston will be converging Saturday night at 7:00 in Montrose and “lurching or crawling” the streets while moaning, bleeding, carrying amputated limbs, and acting generally dead.  The specific meeting point is W. Alabama and Shepard – specific instructions can be found at www.zombiewalkhouston.com

Although this will be Houston’s first undead march, for half a decade Zombie Walks have been taking place throughout the United States and now occur all over the world. Great Britain and London in particular are known for there robust zombie loving population; however, it does not stop there.  Zombie Walks take place in Australia, Brazil and Finland.  An extensive list of Zombie Walks around the world can be found at www.zombiewalk.com

If you are planning on attending Houston’s Zombie Walk you must remember to abide by the rules of the zombie crawl.  Some of the rules include: “try to lurch on the sidewalks, respect other zombies and the living’s personal space, children of the dead must be accompanied by adult zombies, and you are responsible for your own corpse etc…”.  For a complete list of zombie guidelines and zombie news please visit www.crawlofthedead.com

Before you venture forth onto the streets of Houston lined with walking corpses, you might want to inform yourself a bit.  Where did this all begin?  Why do humans love zombies?  From what does this desire to “lurch” the streets like a subhuman, undead cadaver stem?  Books have been written about the undead for hundreds of years and movies have broached the topic since the beginning of film, but recently the largest catalyst for zombie zealots and carcass camaraderie has been the internet. 

www.zombiesurvivalwiki.com  It is a true zombie aficionado’s dream site which addresses the most pressing transcendental problems zombie lovers face. It also features upcoming zombie events, medical kit preparation in case of zombie attacks, and everything in between.

If you don’t already know, hop on the internet and learn more about the zombie movement before you join Houston’s first Zombie Walk.  And remember, all those “lurching” the streets will be asked to donate two canned goods to the Houston Food Bank.   

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