Luis Padilla fired from Cargill
By Gina Burgess

A man who has strong convictions exercised his right of free speech and put a sign on the back of his truck that said, ‘Vote For Marriage Nov. 7’.  He was fired.  This was reported in the Daily News Report Online.

Senator Mark Obenshain wrote a letter to Cargill asking that Padilla be “reinstated with back pay.”  Padilla said he was glad the senator wrote the letter but he was more interested in the reaction/response from Cargill about the letter.  He was not sure about going back even if the company offered.  I’d have that same sentiment.  What exactly is Cargill’s stance on marriage?  Why did Cargill listen to complaints by firing the man?  This is similar to a big company telling the “little man” how to vote.  It stinks.

The company attorney said it was a violation of the company policies on intolerance. 


It seems more like the company was intolerant of an individual’s right to speak his mind about an important issue.  The fact is, Cargill is a private employer and private employers can, and do, fire people for any reason or no reason.  I’ve had to sign things that said I could terminate my employment for no reason but the company could terminate me for no reason.  It’s life and life is never fair.

Cargill says, according to Agape Press, “Cargill is not required to allow Mr. Padilla to impose his beliefs on his co-workers.” Victoria Cobb, executive director of the Family Foundation, says Cargill is engaging in viewpoint discrimination.

Except when the constitutional rights of a person is violated.  I don’t know all the particulars of this situation.  From what I do know, however, it sounds like the man’s rights were violated and several representatives and senators agree with me on that.

The ironic thing here is this… this firestorm about the firing will probably promote the passage of the marriage amendment in Virginia.  I hope so.    

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