Well Americans have survived yet another 4th of July, but some can’t say they were exactly what you would call lucky. Several injuries have been reported throughout the country caused by fireworks. In many states fireworks are illegal, so the city will put on their own firework display show to try and cut down on the amount of personal injury to people at home. This is not always so safe either though.

I am from Louisiana and fireworks were always legal there, at least they were last time I checked. When I was about 8 years old I had a firecracker blow up in my right hand and to this day I will never forget the pain that caused me. I lit it and forgot to throw it I guess. I also had a shed in my back yard caught fire from bottle rockets and we were in bed sleeping. It came from our neighbor’s three houses down. They woke us up banging on our door letting us know it was on fire. We had three dirt bikes and a few cans of gasoline in there so we had to scuffle to get that fire out. We were lucky that only the back of the shed was damaged though since we caught it in time. I hate to think of what would have happened had it blown up in flames.
This year I have read several reports on injuries caused from the fireworks. For instance in Charles City, Iowa officials claim that 37 people were injured during the city’s main fireworks display when ground level fireworks exploded Friday night. Assistant Fire Chief Dave Beamer said it appeared that it started when 13 racks of fireworks tubes misfired.

The Ohio State Fire Marshall and Union Township officials are receiving conflicting stories on how a two year old child got second degree burns Friday. Sgt. Eric Williams said, “I can say there are various types of fireworks that are in and around the residence.”  There were 5 injuries reported total. A 52 year old woman was transported to the hospital also. Williams’s reports that it looks like the woman and child each suffered with second degree burns over 50 % of their bodies.

A 6 year old boy and his 19 year old uncle were injured while watching an illegal firework display in New York. They claim the injuries were caused either from a Roman Candle or a Bottle Rocket. The child suffered Second degree burns to his leg and the teen was injured in one of his eyes.

A 3 year old New Hampshire boy suffered second and third degree burns after a fireworks accident on Lake Somerset. Officials say he suffered burns to his thigh, hands and lips when a five gallon bucket that was used to launch Roman Candles over the lake tipped over and one of the devices launched at him while he sat in a swing 25 to 30 feet away.

This is just naming a few of the injuries reported from July 4th, 2008. It would take a lot of coverage to report all. The main point is that no matter where you are, if the fireworks are legal or not you can still have injuries from them. Sometimes it just doesn’t matter how much supervision you have during a show, an accident can still happen and cause serious injuries to an innocent bystander.

Jan Barrett

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