Following a recent fire at a mall, around fifty firefighters have been informed that they may have been exposed to the deadly carcinogenic asbestos as a result of being present at the fire. The fire broke out last month at a mall in Ottawa South, and many Ottawa firefighters may have suffered some level of exposure.

The fire took place at the Southvale Mall at the beginning of March, but if was not until after the fire that it was discovered that there was asbestos in the building. Erik Leicht, a spokesperson for the Ottawa Professional Firefighters’ Association, said: “Once the asbestos is disturbed, the particles of asbestos will stick to your clothing.”

He added that it was vital that the firefighters in question were informed about the possible exposure as quickly as possible, so that the necessary action could be taken.

He added: “As soon as you have the asbestos on your gear and you get back into the truck – well, the truck is now contaminated. And when you park the truck in the station and start walking around the station and hang up your gear, that is contaminated as well now.”

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