A site in the Minnesota area that was damaged by fire some months ago is to finally undergo asbestos cleanup according to a recent report. One city engineer has stated that the clean up could be completed as early as October of this year once work commences.

The fire took place at a site in downtown Austin, and the environmental cleanup is set to start around the third week of August according to the city engineer. Much of the work will involve the removal of asbestos, which is a known carcinogenic that can cause serious health problems through exposure, including cancer.

The cleanup will have to be completed at the site before demolition can take place due to the risks associated with airborne asbestos dust and particles, so it is thought that demolition will possibly begin in around September and be completed by October.

The fire ravages the site in the middle of January of this year, and there is speculation that it was started intentionally. At present authorities are still investigating the incident in relation to arson but nobody has been charged.

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