Arto Inkala, a Finnish applied mathematician, has claimed to have produced the world’s hardest ‘Sudoku Puzzle’. The puzzle named as ‘Al Escargot’ by its creator, is claimed to be the most difficult sudoku-puzzle known so far, which required more than three month’s work and a billion combinations to produce. 37-year old Inkala, told reporters that solving this new puzzle is like an intellectual culinary pleasure and he named it as ‘Al Escargot’ after his initials ‘Al’ and based on the appearance of the puzzle, which resembles a snail.

Sudoku is a logic-based placement puzzle, where the object is to fill a grid of nine squares, with every column, row and box, containing the numbers 1 to 9. The puzzle creator provides a partially filled grid, which is one of the solutions for the puzzle. Sudoku became popular in Japan in the mid-1980 and it has been gaining international recognition in the last few years. Swiss mathematician Leonard Euler is believed to have invented ‘Sudoku’ in 18th Century A.D.

‘Al Escargot’ is at the top spot for sudoku’s most difficult puzzles, based on a rating given by a Sudoku website. However, many sudoku experts have solved this challenging puzzle and Inkala is planning to come up with more challenging versions of ‘Escargot’ using computer applications.

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