According to a recent report a couple from Oregon has been fined one thousand dollars as a result of the improper removal of asbestos, which is a known carcinogenic that can cause serious health problems including a form of cancer known as mesothelioma through exposure to airborne dust and fibers.

It is claimed that the couple, Timothy and Kelli Fitzpatrick, used unqualified and unlicensed workers for the asbestos removal project. The fine was imposed by the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality. The work involved the removal of asbestos containing sheet vinyl from a commercial property that the couple owns.

Reports state that the couple allowed some of the asbestos waste to be disposed of in a dumpster, whilst some of it was not packaged and labelled properly by the unqualified workers. It is the law in Oregon that a properly qualified and licensed asbestos removal contractor be used for such projects.

Since the dangers of asbestos exposure became widely known several decades ago strict regulations have come into force with regards to the removal and disposal of asbestos, with serious penalties in place for those that breach these regulations.

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