Let us not go into the usual line of how American forces are suffering in the same way that their previous generation had suffered in Vietnam, that particular piece of linen has been washed, dried and once again washed many times before.

No..let us see the situation from another angle…that of the neighboring country. During the 1970s, when the US was finding it very difficult to defeat the “ragtag” army of the north, they had accused both Laos and Cambodia of providing the vietcong, as the communist north army was known, a safe harbor from the Americans.

However as history knows, the American army had both underestimated their opponents and overestimated its own strength.

So now when the American army in Iraq say that they have evidence of Iranian involvement in Iraq, one wonders whether history is repeating itself.

However if it is so, then Bush and his supporters are going to find that the situation is far more worse this time around to attack any other country.

During the time when the coalition forces has been stretched to their limits, the US, or any member of the NATO, cannot afford another war. Bush has already heard his death knell with the Democrats storming the Congress while Blair is finding it tough to convince his own partymen about the Iraq war, let alone his opponents.

Internal matters left alone, US will find that Iran is no Laos or Cambodia in terms of weapons and army. Any attempt to attack Iran could well result in all the middle east countries joining hands to fight yet another crusade against the Americans.

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