According to a recent report many people in the United States of America are being forced to try and arrange their own cancer treatment due to financial woes and lack of insurance. The report claims that rising unemployment has led to more uninsured people, and these people are falling through the cracks when it comes to getting treatment.

The report claims that cancer patients who have lost their jobs and have little or no insurance are now finding it impossible to get the treatment and care that they need through traditional means, and this is causing huge problems for the patients and for the medical service.

Officials have said that there are some states, such as Nevada, where cutbacks have contributed to the problem. In Nevada financial cutbacks have meant that funds have been cut to the outpatient cancer center at the University Medical Center’s oncology clinic.

The report also stated that one Oncologist along with his medical team in Nevada had to set up a makeshift clinic in order to provide treatment to some patients that needed cancer treatment but could not afford to pay for it due to lack of insurance cover.

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