It was in 2009 that I first encountered William Cobra Staubs. As I recall it was veteran radio and TV news guy TJ Hart that introduced us. We were all concerned about a missing child by the name of HaLeigh Cummings. The case was very much in the public spotlight. It was a missing child case like no other. It was highly polarized, and was covered in the national press with an almost rabid fascination.

It has proved to have been a case with no winners. The then, 5 year old girl from Satsuma, Florida remains missing. Five people are cooling their heels in jail on unrelated charges for an extended period of time, one or more of them likely hold the key to the mystery.

No winners? That alas is a true statement, there were no winners, everyone that came even remotely connected with the case became a victim.

I think that it is fair to say that one of the biggest losers was William Cobra Staubs, with the exception of HaLeigh herself still remaining missing. All he was trying to do was help in finding a missing child. The reward for his efforts was to lose his ability to earn a decent living for three years. It is a long complex story, a story that few people really know. He was an easy target for the ‘hate’ bloggers.

Well folks, things are changing. William Cobra Staubs is back. After three years of being sidelined, all of his credentials (plus some) have been restored.

The next step is for him to seek recompense from those that harmed him. At the forefront are the Continental Heritage Insurance company and one C.E. Parish. The documents are filed, Continental were served today, but in a move of great irony, C.E Parish will not get his until tomorrow, the fourth anniversary of the start of Cobra’s adventure.

Here is an interesting file. Enjoy.

Oh, and there is much more to this story, but I am not at liberty to share it at this time.

Jan and I say… Way to go Cobra!

Simon Barrett

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