Posted by Charles S on March 30th, 2007 

Prior to the November elections which put the Democrats in control of Congress, Nancy Pelosi announced “We’re prepared to win. We’re ready to govern and to do it in a respectful, bipartisan way — in a way that will show the rest of the world how a democracy should work. We will have bipartisan administration of the House”.

We are now approaching the end of the First Quarter and the dream of bipartisanship has yet to come to fruition, with most votes being split straight down the party lines. There is still hope however, Rep Mark Kirk (R-IL) has sponsored a bill which has 59 co-sponsors including 22 Democrats.

The bill H. Res. 267:Calling for the immediate and unconditional release of British marines and sailors held captive by Iran has a simple purpose of condemning the actions of Iran, and demanding release of captured British soldiers.

Resolved, That the House of Representatives–

(1) condemns the Islamic Republic of Iran for the seizure of 15 British marines and sailors and demands their unconditional release; and

(2) calls on the United Nations Security Council to condemn this seizure and explore new sanctions against the Islamic Republic of Iran, including the restriction of the supply of gasoline, to prevent further Iranian hostile action, deny Iran’s ability to militarize the Persian Gulf, and enforce Iran’s nonproliferation commitments.

Britain has been our greatest ally in the war on terror and I am happy to see the House of Representatives standing up for them while the United Nations remains silent. There is one problem however, Nancy Pelosi is not allowing the bill to come to the floor for a vote.
As Powerline Blog reported yesterday

Earlier today, Congressman Eric Cantor wrote the following letter to Pelosi:

Dear Madam Speaker:
Fifteen kidnapped British marines and sailors recently became the latest victims of a systematic Iranian campaign of terror and international defiance. The illegal seizure of the British forces is a signal that Iran views us as powerless to prevent it from realizing its aggressive ambitions.

For the sake of our standing in the world, our allies and most importantly the 15 British personnel and their families, I urge you to bring H. Res. 267 to the floor today before we adjourn. The resolution calls for the immediate and unconditional release of the British marines and sailors. It would also call on the U.N. Security Council to not only condemn the seizure, but to explore harsher sanctions to counter the growing Iranian threat.

A Republican Congressional staffer writes:

It is simply staggering to me that Pelosi refuses to stand beside America’s closest ally. I literally would not have thought this possible, until I saw it this week.

I suppose Pelosi does not want to her vote to go on the record for such a “controversial” bill. After all Rosie O’Donnell believes “the British did it on purpose”. Maybe Pelosi is a fan of the View?

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