Absent the unprecedented, More than a few McCain staffers are beginning to concede in hotel hallways but for the economic meltdown they might have had a competitive chance. Depending on your favorite poll, John McCain is going to lose the election by a lot or suffer a landslide defeat.
This evenings debate not withstanding the suites will spend post debate and for that matter the last couple weeks on the trail finger pointing and expressing anger behind closed doors at who is most to blame. While we watch red meat rank and file conservatives do their yeoman best to avoid revealing facial expressions that betray the pangs of uncertainty and fear churning in the gut.
The debate spinmeisters will naturally proclaim John Sidney McCain hit it so far out of the ball park its a game changer and provides the critical pivot needed to pull off the greatest come from behind victory in political history. In high school football when your this far ahead with the clock winding down. Most coaches allow bench warmers a few minutes of playing time but in the pros’s its pure foolishness to sit on the lead. Team Obama is taking nothing for granted, they are pushing as many negative ads as positive ones in battle ground states.

I read Some GOP officials are even remarking in private, sincere surprise at being rudely rebuffed when they offered to quietly begin the process of turning the volume down, as happened when Bob Dole’s people realised it was over against Bill Clinton. It was I think an honest attempt to dial back the vocality so John McCain can finish the race and exit the Presidential field with some dignity.

But the suites on Obama’s side are talking about up-ticking the negative ads , they say its to cultivate the kind of landslide which allows use of the word mandate. I speculate its more a want to unleash pent up fury before the bell rings. Like a street fight, they just want to wail on the republicans, despite the fact they are pretty much waving the other guy off as if to say enough you win.

So the McCain campaign must play out it’s hand, continue to have Governor Palin offer ideological kool-aid to the thinning crowds and present their best face to the talking heads on the cable programs. But only the most hard core know by now unless the river rises and the Russians invade. Come November the Fifth, Barack Hussein Obama will wake up the forty fourth President elect of the United States. And as a rising tide lifts all ships, party leaders are even beginning to discuss the real possibility of a 60 democrat filibuster proof Senate.

That’s my view, Yours may be different.

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