World War I is getting some attention in the entertainment industry lately, with the high class hit “Downton Abbey” and now the Stephen Spielburg film “War Horse”.

The plot is simple: think of Lassie comes home (the 1943 version) of a beloved animal separated from his master and trying to survive. Except in this one it is a horse, not a dog, and it is not depression era Scotland but in the trenches of World War I.

It is a series of vingettes that reveal the changing world of the era, when horses and cavalry charges were evolving to cannons and tanks, and the mud and gas death in the trenches.

Like previous films by Spielburg, the characters are likable, the cinematography is good, and it is a great story. Bring a couple hankerchiefs to cry into when you see it.

The war situations are not graphic by modern standards, but the PG 13 rating is the correct one, since you care about the ones who are being hurt and killed.

I give it a 4plus out of five stars.


Nancy Reyes is a retired physician living in the Philippines.

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