The President has proclaimed North Korea as part of the “axis of evil” (Iran, Iraq, North Korea), but the facts concerning Kim Jong Il’s connection to the United States are very illusive. In addition, it’s shocking to think that the United States, or at least those running it, has a connection to the North Korean nuclear program. In reality, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld has a very real connection to North Korea’s rise as a nuclear power. In 1994, Secretary Rumsfeld sat on the board of ABB, the corporation that sold light water nuclear reactors to North Korea. These reactors were supposed to prevent nuclear proliferation, but they could have been the source of the enriched plutonium that has allegedly found its way into a North Korean nuclear bomb. What is worse, the President isn’t free from blame. We can’t forget that the President gave $95 million to North Korea to aid their nuclear program without the restrictions that would prevent them from attaining status as a nuclear power. The reality of the situation is that the “axis of evil” is a group of nations where American foreign policy has failed in the worst ways. Now, the President and Republicans are hoping to capitalize on the political climate created by bad policy and bad decisions.

By: R. Andrew Smith

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