Researchers in the UK have recently released figures in connection to asbestos related cancer. The figures indicate that one in every seventeen carpenters in the UK that were born in the 1940s will die from asbestos related lung cancer. The data was published in the British Journal of Cancer.

The research was aimed at calculating the lifetime risk of contracting the asbestos related cancer, mesothelioma, for higher risk trade workers who were exposed to asbestos for ten years or more before they reached the age of thirty. The results also indicated that one in fifty plumbers would contact the cancer, one in fifty decorators and electricians would get the disease, and one in every one hundred and twenty five other construction workers would get the disease.

The figures also showed that the UK mesothelioma death rate is now the highest in the world, with a total of seventeen hundred and fifty male deaths in 2005 and nearly two hundred and ninety female deaths in the same year. The researchers also said that the projected lifetime risk of getting mesothelioma in all men born in the 1940s was around one in every one hundred and seventy male adults.

One of the researchers involved in the study said: “The UK has the highest death rate from mesothelioma in the world. The risk is highest in people who were exposed to asbestos before age 30. By getting information on all the jobs people had ever done we have shown that the risk in some occupations, particularly in the building industry, is higher than we previously thought.”

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