Following the death of a man from exposure to asbestos fifty seven companies have been named as defendants in a lawsuit. The family of the Nederland man claims that the companies are responsible for his death, and that he was intentionally exposed to asbestos, which is a known potential killer.

According to the lawsuit filed by Delores Del Taylor the man, Gerald C. Taylor Sr, died from the asbestos related disease in 2006. The lawsuit was filed earlier this month in Jefferson County District Court, and was also filed on behalf of two other plaintiffs, Florenda Gale Gonzales and Gerald C. Taylor Jr.

The lawsuit stated: “Because Decedent was an invitee, Defendants owed Decedent a duty to exercise ordinary care to keep the premises in reasonably safe condition, inspect the premises to discover latent defects and to make safe any defects or give an adequate warning of any dangers.”

It also stated that the defendants were aware of the potential dangers of exposure to asbestos but that they “acted in concert to destroy or conceal such information and prevent it from falling into the hands of their victims.”

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