A ferry lounge has had to be closed and passengers given a bust to use as shelter as a result of asbestos being present. The issue has affected passengers that were on board the BC Ferries vessel Quadra Queen II, which travels between Port McNeill on northern Vancouver Island, Alert Bay on Cormorant Island and Sointula on Malcolm Island.

Built in 1969, the ferry is fifty meters long. A spokesperson for BC Ferries said that small amounts of asbestos were found in the ceiling of the ferry lounge, resulting in it having to be closed whilst the problem was sorted out. She said: “We had it tested and the amount of asbestos it contained was two per cent.”

According to reports the ferry lounge was first closed back in February and a contractor was hired to sort the problem out. The contractor applied a sealant to try and contain the asbestos problem at that time, but the treatment failed to last

The lunge was closed again last week after a powdery substance was found to have leaked, according to BC Ferries officials. Air quality tests have been carried out that show the contamination is at an acceptable level and that it is not posing any danger of exposure.

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