Bullying seems to be a subject that makes the news far more often than it should. In this day and age the problem should not even exist, yet it does. In fact it seems to be a growth industry that causes far more damage than a few cuts and bruises, people die. Young lives lost at the time they should be enjoying the journey into adulthood.

I  was around 11 or 12 when a school classmate tried to bully me. I didn’t like it one bit, Stephen and I reached an agreement. He was bigger than me, but he was about as popular as a case of leprosy within the school. The issue went away.

Today bullying  has moved on from physical threats, it is more often done via Facebook and Twitter, rather than a beating behind a school building. Psychological bully has led to a number of suicides recently.

I like people that have a proactive approach to the problem.

About a week ago I was contacted by a friend in the PR world asking me what my interest level was in interviewing musician Geof Ferris of Ferris and the Wheels. I said “yes”, if nothing else I loved the bands name, it was too cute for words. It did not take much research  to see that Ferris and the Wheels were far more than just a cute name. They have produced what I view as a superb music video. A song with a message.

Everyone involved in this project should be congratulated.  If you would like to hear the back story you can listen to our interview here.

I do hope that  people will show their support of Ferris and the Wheels by visiting them and buying their new EP Hollow.

Simon Barrett

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