The horror genre is not the best candidate to list films that empower women. In fact, women have been the most used and most terrorized victims in this genre. One grind house horror film, however, breaks these barriers for both women and feminist opinion, according to one woman. Hannah Forman, a 26-year-old amateur film theorist and feminist praises the 1980 film I Spit On Your Grave, also titled “The Day of the Woman” since seeing it in 2003.

The film is about a woman who takes revenge on four men who rape her. After being unable to see it as a teen, Forman finally settled down to watch it with a group of friends and were cheering for the realism and lack of sensationalism that was pursued when shooting the rape scene, using realistic lighting and the victim’s point of view. Forman and her friends claim they feel empowered by the film’s premise.

While films like Resident Evil and Grindhouse have followed in Grave’s footsteps, all in all, the horror industry has not evolved much in terms of female empowerment. MSNBC remarks on the posters for upcoming films like Hostel: Part 2 and Captivity which depict women being terrorized by sinister male villains, often scantily clad, if clad at all. However, as Forman’s remarks show, women would welcome a change, and if done right, the men might not mind a new depiction of women in horror films either.


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