The grand celebration of WIPO Week-07 by Law Firm Perry4Law once again reaffirmed its commitment to maintain a “balanced approach” towards rights and public interest aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) in India (IPRs in India) and World wide.

Perry4Law is dedicatedly spreading the “Public Awareness” regarding IPRs in India and World wide and its research resources are regularly appearing at various esteemed sites World wide. To substantiate this awareness drive, Perry4Law celebrated the WIPO Week-07, the first and exclusive celebration of its type. We successfully celebrated World IP Day-07 just like our previous celebrations. Further, we also celebrated the 12th World Book and Copyright Day on 23rd April, 2007.

In this segment we are reporting the “Feedback” of the WIPO WEEK-07, World IP Day-07 and the World Book and Copyright Day-07. The response of general public, IPRs specialists and experts, academicians, etc was “Sharply Divided” over the “Nature and Scope of IPRs” in the contemporary World. Some favoured the existence of the “Monopolistic Rights” in favour of the IPRs holders while others severely criticised the rights approach. However, both the debating segments appreciated the “Balanced Approach” of Perry4Law that believes in maintaining an optimum balance between the rights and public interest approaches. We provided our inputs in a “Holistic Manner” where equilibrium is maintained due to provisions like Compulsory Licensing, IPRs acquisition, etc.

An interesting debate took place regarding the concept of “Digital Management Rights”. The feedback providers felt that the same is not “favourable” for India for the time being. Upon request, Perry4Law has decided to provide its “Research Inputs” in this regard by providing a holistic and comparative analysis.

The most interesting debate took place regarding role of WIPO in the protection and promotion of IPRs World wide. The debate was “Global” in nature as many news reports surfaced questioning the role and scope of WIPO in this regard. Some felt that WIPO’s role is going to decrease in future and there is a need of reformulating its policies and decisions. There was a sharp disagreement on the future of the IP system and what role the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) will play during the next 10 years. But there seemed to be agreement on less rather than more new IP regulation.

The feedback regarding amalgamation of IPRs with Information and Communication Technology (ICT) was also interesting. A dominant majority of the feedback providers affirmed Perry4Law’s opinion that IPRs in Digital Era require a different outlook and protection. We felt that the menace of Cyber squatting and other offences and contraventions must be dealt with an iron hand. The Cyber Law in India must also be suitably amended so that a conducive environment for cyberspace can be established in India.

Finally, the role of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) and Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) in resolving IPRs disputes World Wide was also emphasised. Perry4Law felt privileged when it received “assurance and commitment” of various ADR and ODR Experts that they will render their services to it in this regard.

The Feedbacks were too many to be discussed in this short reporting. We have deliberately cut them short and given the crux of these Feedbacks only.

We wish to convey our sincere thanks to the following Institutions/Organisations/Persons:

(a) WIPO,
(c) Perry4Law,
(d) Feedback Providers, etc.

Without the active support of these Institutions/Organisations/Persons, these celebrations of ours were neither possible nor effective.

Warm Regards

Praveen Dalal
Managing Partner

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