News Item:
Poor poor K-Fed:
Brit prenup gives Kev… not much

Sometimes life just isn’t fair.  Picture yourself as a poor struggling wannabe anything, who hitched your caboose to a big name celeb, and then you got the boot.  That’s the predicament Kevin Federline finds himself in these days.  To add injury to insult, his pre-nuptial agreement with Britney Spears really gives him the raw end of the deal.  According to news reports, the ex Mr. Spears only gets a one time lump sum support payment of $250,000.00.

Oh yeh, there is the house… the $10 million Malibu estate, but there’s no 50/50 split here either.  The poor guy is only slated to get about 20% of the property’s value.  How could anyone get by on $2 million these days?

There’s no justice, no justice at all…


Full Story: Boston Herald

Cartoon from Sid in the City

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