…But with continuing bad news for the Clinton campaign, it’ll be EASY to “guess that’s why they call it the blues”!

Last week I reported on the concert that Elton John plans for “BILLARY” Clinton on April 9th.

In that posting, I suggested that the pair not go breaking the law, because foreigners are barred from contributing to candidates.

Well, the Federal Election Commission (FEC) has ruled on the issue and has given the pair a “do ahead”.  Here’s a copy of the clearance from the FEC for Elton John to have the concert for “BILLARY” Clinton:

Not to worry, though. With the way things are going for the Clinton campaign, we will be able to “guess why they call it the blues”, especially if “the rocket man” sings “good bye” to “BILLARY” Clinton’s campaign, instead of to “Norma Jean”.

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