For those following Chrysler’s agonizingly slow belly flop, you’ll recall that in the last week they’ve announced more white-collar and hourly cuts (Feb 12), that Daimler has decided to spin them off (Feb 14), and that GM has held secret talks with Daimler-Chrysler regarding a possible takeover (Feb 16)

Now, February 19, according to the Detroit Free Press, Hyundai is both rumored to want Chrysler and totally uninterested in Chrysler. Fascinatingly, the two Freep business writers who wrote these articles made their diametrically opposed conclusions based on the same factless, unsourced Times of London article:

The Korean industrial giant Hyundai is leading a pack of international suitors for Chrysler, the troubled US arm of automotive manufacturer Daimler Chrysler.

Frankly, Detroit, we sound like the auto industry’s stilted ex-boyfriend, still mooning over a crumby relationship that went sour years ago. She isn’t coming back, fellas. Maybe we need to find another mate to complete us.

(*Thanks to Jeremy of GrowDetroit for following Chrysler’s trials and tribulations over the last week so closely*)

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