A recent blaze in Scotland has sparked fears of asbestos contamination in the air, and a warning has been issued to local residents to alert them to the danger. The major fire was at a large industrial estate in the area, and health officials have said that whilst the risks are low residents should still be cautious.
According to reports the amount of smoke that was generated across the city as a result of the fire could apparently seen for twenty miles. Fire fighters had to tackle the blaze and evacuate many of the people that lived in the immediate area.
Following the blaze the building has been demolished, but there are concerns that asbestos in the roof of the warehouse may have released asbestos dust and fibers into the air, which puts people at risk of health problems ranging from scarring of the lungs and respiratory problems to a form of asbestos cancer called mesothelioma.
Health officials have said that residents in the area that find dust on the steps leading to their home and on surfaces in the home need to wipe it away with a damp cloth and then dispose of the cloth.

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