Book publisher Random House decided not to publish a novel about the prophet Muhammad’s wife. The book titled The Jewel Of Medina gives a fictional account of the prophet Mohammad’s wife Aiesha.

After public condemnation by UT professor Denise Spellberg and some Islamic scholars, Random House decided not to publish the book. Spellberg called the book a “very ugly, very stupid piece of work” and warned that Muslims will likely find the book offensive.

It is beyond outrageous that even in the U.S. we have to walk on egg shells when it comes to Islam. I find it incredibly offensive that we have to be censored out of fear of violent Muslim backlash. If Christians reacted violently every time someone insulted Jesus, America would be a war torn wasteland.

Radical Muslims desperately want to gain a foothold in America the way they have in Europe. Even more frightening is what has become of our neighbor to the north. Take a look at Canada if you want to see where all this nonsense leads. You can and will be charged with a crime in Canada for writing books or articles that offend Muslims. Read what happened to Mark Steyn if you think I’m exaggerating.

This is not the Middle East, this is America and I will never censor what I write out of fear of Muslims. Unlike in Britain where people live in fear of the Muslim masses, Americans have the advantage of being armed.

If Muslims can’t assimilate and quit being so touchy about their radical religion then they should go back to whatever third world hell hole they came from.

Rather than not publish books about Islam, we should be publishing more books about Islam, preferably ones that offend the delicate sensibilities of Muslims.

Any Muslim that would like to issue a fatwa calling for my death, I welcome it. To borrow a line from President Bush, “bring it on.”

-Chris Jones
(via The Hot Joints)

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