All airports across India have been put on high alert, after FBI informed the Bureau of Civil Aviation Security (BCAS) of an e-mail warning of hijacking US-bound flights from India. The e-mail, which reportedly originated from an India ‘address’, was received by the FBI at its US headquarters, on Saturday.

Following this warning, all the security agencies involved in airport security have been put on high alert. Earlier this week, a letter threatening to blow-up Indian airports, put all the airports across India on ‘high alert’. According to a senior official dealing with airport security, the current ‘alert’ order issued by BCAS would be effective for at least a week. He added that the person, who sent the e-mail threat to the FBI headquarters, should have highly trained, since it is not easy to get the e-mail addresses of FBI personnel.

Airline staff members have been instructed to thoroughly check the baggage of the passengers before they board the plane. ‘Spotters’ would also be deployed in all airports to identify suspicious people in the airport. Intelligence agencies are trying to trace the origin of the e-mail and to nab the people, who were behind this threat e-mail. Indian airport authorities have taken this threat very seriously, since the e-mail was sent to the FBI. 

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