Officials with the Federal Bureau of Investigation say the death of an Egyptian man serving life in prison for his involvement with the first attack on the World Trade Center could mean another terrorist attack.

According to reports, Sheikh Omar Abdel Rahmanhad a “medical emergency” on Dec. 6 at the federal prison where he is serving a life sentence. Rahman began to spit up blood, and was taken to the emergency room at St. John’s Regional Hospital in Springfield, Mo., where he had a blood transfusion. While operating, doctors saw a tumor on his liver.

FBI officials say Rahman’s last will and testament “calls for revenge if he dies in U.S. custody. It says, “My brothers, if they kill me, which they will certainly do, hold my funeral and send my corpse to my family but do not let my blood be shed in vain. Rather extract the most violent revenge”

The “blind sheikh” allegedly was the architect of the 1993 World Trade Center bombing and a plot to attack bridges, tunnels, an FBI building and the UN headquarters in New York. He has been in prison since 1995. His last will and testament was read eight years ago at an Al Qaeda news conference.

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