There have been a LOT of us (who have been frustrated and amazed) at the carder forums that openly provide a marketplace for “stolen” personal and financial information on the Internet.

Today on, I was led to an article by Brian Krebs of the Washington Post – which had (in my opinion) some great news.

Brian is reporting:

“The FBI is cracking down on an international identity theft operation that involves the trading of social security numbers; the sale of stolen credit card account information; and phishing, the practice of using e-mail to trick consumers into handing over personal information, authorities said yesterday.”

“Called Operation Cardkeeper, the investigation has brought about the arrests of more than a dozen people in the United States and other countries who are members of online communities that specialize in “carding,” the trafficking of stolen identities and credit card and bank account information.”

Let’s hope that this operation is a BIG success and more arrests are forthcoming!

Brian’s report, here.

These Internet crooks have victimized a lot of people and would have no qualms about stealing your grandmother’s hard earned money.

Of note, the FBI can be credited (in my humble opinion) with developing the right strategy to address a worldwide problem that reaches across borders. Here’s a post, I did about this:

Does Teamwork Make Sense in the Age of Compliance

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