A 65 year old man was charged in a Bill of Information with violating the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO) and with conspiracy for allegedly accepting or extorting bribes from individuals with pending criminal charges in the Baton Rouge City Court and the 19th Judicial District Court and then sharing the proceeds of the bribe or extortion with a prosecutor or court official who would arrange for the matters to be dismissed or otherwise “fixed.” He was arraigned today before U.S. District Judge James Brady and pled guilty to the charges contained in the Bill of Information.

“Operation Illegal Motion is an ongoing investigation that has uncovered evidence of corruption in the criminal court system in East Baton Rouge Parish. Anyone with knowledge of corruption at any level of government, but particularly in the court system or in law enforcement agencies, is urged to contact my office or the FBI to report that information,” according to U.S. Attorney David R. Dugas quoted in a press release by the FBI.

Internet news sites like this one are bringing similar cases to the attention of litigants who are being railroaded in court. If you suspect foul play in your own court case, contact your local FBI office. They can be found at www.fbi.gov.

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